Old, Twisted Lines of Code

Returning to code once familiar and functional, now ugly and distorted. What phantom developer deranged my work while I slept? One day your app works, the next day it falls apart with no reason forthcoming. When it works, you feel elation. When it fails, it’s comparable to electrocution. Or something like that.

And Hallelujah! Out of the murk and misery, the golden visage of my app emerges, freed from the grasping tendrils of my spaghetti code, finally escaped from the hell of mist and cold. Turns out the phantom was me. Or more specifically, my past self: The ghost of expedience past. But I vanquished that old vampire and now I get to bask in the tinkerer’s high. I get to admire the beautiful artifact that I stole back from old, twisted lines of code restlessly unfurling and writhing deep in the heart of my code-base.

There’s the familiar feeling that we chase, the one that makes the intricate slog worthwhile.